My Story

Once there was a young man who loved films. He watched his favorite movies on VHS tapes over and over again. He knew each line of dialogue and each scene off by heart.

He rented out every film Xtra-vision had to offer. He even made his own action movies using his parents video camera. He recorded car chases, shoot outs and action sequences all using the toys of his younger siblings. Often destroying them in the process. His siblings were not pleased with the wanton destruction but this boy had a dream. He was going to be a Hollywood director.

Somewhere along the way that dream got shelved. He went to college and studied science but ultimately ended up working in the fast paced world of business with Xerox finance. The creative spark was lost under reams of paper work and order dockets.

However the creative spark was not extinguished but glowed faintly in the embers. After 4 years of debt collection work, customer care phone calls and toner supply order maintenance forms - He bought a video camera. It was to record home movies of his new baby son.

The creative flame was rekindled and with each successive home movie he slowly realized his dream that he had when he was a boy. That dream had been to make films and to tell stories. After all story telling is what film making is all about

It’s The heroes Journey.

He went back to college to study Multimedia  in Dublin City University. Like a Rocky training montage - He honed his skills and upped his game. Getting prepared for the challenges ahead. After 4 years of training he was ready for the big time.

He set up a video production company - called powerpix productions and set out to conquer the world.

He never returned to finance but he honors his business roots by telling stories of everyday heroes who set up their own businesses. Heroes who take on challenges. Heroes who take a risk like he did.

That’s my story now I would love to hear your story.

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Seán Power

The man behind the lens