Weddings shoots sprinkled with a bit of craic!

Weddings shoots sprinkled with a bit of craic!

cinematic wedding shoot

My wedding shoots are filmed in a cinematic style using creative angles, natural light and flowing camera shots. As I work I keep a careful look out for all the little details and the key events of the wedding day. I also document the venues, their surroundings. I also look out for those special little moments between family and friends where they share a laugh or are just relaxed and happy.

To get these types of natural shots I will often just shoot from the background on a zoom lens. I might get people to pose for a shot or two but only if I feel they may be comfortable doing that. I want to leave everyone free to enjoy the day and to leave as little a footprint as possible on your celebrations.

With the bride and Groom I also tend to use a hands off style. I like to let the moment unfold and record it.  I might direct a couple of shot but only if it suits and if ye are comfortable with that.

The finished films are about storytelling. So it's important to capture good audio from the ceremony and speeches. I use small pocket sized - high quality mics for these key moments. There's little or no setup involved. They clip into a shirt pocket or on to a mic and that's that. Good audio is important as I often use snippets of audio in the films to help to tell the story.

That’s how I work. If you would like further information about whats included, pricing and to arrange a quick call please contact us using the form below:

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Video gallery

These are typical short highlights films. Longer highlights films are also included in our wedding shoot.