The Hobbit in IMAX 60 fps

Last weekend I finally went to the IMAX in Cineworld to check out the Hobbit part II. As we sat in the theater with our funky IMAX 3D glasses and a giant bucket of popcorn a notice flashed up on screen: The hobbit will be running at 60fps(Frames per second)? OK I thought. I saw the Hobbit last year and didn't notice anything particularly special. The movie starts and suddenly I am transported in the narrow streets of the village of Bree! It is like I am there walking through the pouring rain in the muddy streets. The effect is incredible and hyper realistic. It is immediately apparent that 60 fps is amazing!

The film is incredibly smooth. As an editor and filmmaker I am used to seeing a juddering effect as people run onscreen or as the camera moves. Sometimes I despair as I look at my lovely footage juddering along despite being filmed in High Definition at 50 fps on a Steadicam! However I have never had a single person come back with the finished footage to complain about juddering in fact most people don't seem to notice. Once you study footage carefully and re watch it over and over again as you do while editing you really start to notice. Then I find I get judder on the brain and suddenly everything looks juddery. Especially CGI heavy movies and TV shows.

Though the 60fps effect is unusual and uncomfortable for some viewers I think its a very natural look. It feels closer to looking through the human eye as opposed to the view through the lens of camera. At times It's almost like being there in the flesh walking through the village and into the prancing pony!

Now where can I get one of those cameras!