For those about to run - I salute you

Every year on the October bank holiday Monday the Dublin city marathon takes place. I have covered the marathon for the last 5 years working as a photographer with the Garda review magazine. Here are some of the sights that you see around the start line.

The marathon runners start to gather down along Fitzwilliam Street from the start line beside Fitzwilliam square. The long line of runners stretches out along the road into the distance.

Dublin city Marathon start line

After a rendition of the national Anthem the competitors were ready to go.

Singing the national anthem at the Dublin city marathon

There were over 14,000 entrants this year. The first group of racers to start off are the wheel chair racers. They go out 10 minutes before the first wave at 8.50. They need some clear track ahead in order to post some good times.

Wheelchair racers at the Dublin city marathon

This spectator managed to get a great vantage point right at the start line.

photographer in window

The first wave of runners waits for the starters pistol to fire. Wave one includes all the elite athletes who will compete for the €10,000 first prize.

Start line of the dublin city marathon
Starting gun for the Dublin city Marathon

The first wave of runners is off at 9.00am with another wave of runners to follow at 9.10. The final wave will be released 10 minutes later.

Runners in the Dublin city Marathon
runners in the Dublin city marathon
French couple running in the Dublin city marathon
Runners approach the start line of the Dublin city marathon

As the last couple of runners embark on their epic 26.2 mile adventure it's time for the clean up operation to begin. The runners have discarded thousands of tracksuit tops and bottoms, hats and old jumpers which they wore to the line to keep warm.

Discarded jumpers at the start line of the Dublin City marathon
Rubbish bin at the start line of the Dublin city marathon

This troupe of marauding runners will snake their way through the city leaving behind a trail of banana skins, empty water bottles, energy gels, blood, sweat and tears. The finish line in Merrion square is only a short walk for me maybe 5 minutes altogether but for some of the runners it will be five or six hours before they return. It's a pretty crazy thing and so to the marathon runners - I salute you!