Old and new abandoned buildings

I took a drive at the weekend down to the Western region of Connemara to visit my son who was in an Irish college down there. Whilst journeying West I kept my eyes peeled for some interesting locations to snap a few photographs. I had in mind a nice desolate landscape shot. The land around Carraroe is stoney and desolate in parts with the Maumturk mountains looming in the distance along the road ahead. While good landscape shots were not too easy to come by due to time constraints I had ample opportunity to photograph another favorite subject of mine - old abandoned buildings. Buildings that have served their use, that are obsolete and are now crumbling away.

The first place I spotted along the drive was a towering shell of a building that in the distance I thought might be an old castle but up close I was shocked to see this was actually a recent construction. Abandoned despite the walls being almost finished. This was probably another ill fated construction project from the Celtic tiger building boom.


Abondoned building in Connemara
Interior and exterior of abandoned building in Connemara

Just down the road from this Celtic tiger disaster is an old stone farmhouse. This abandoned house seems to be stuffed with rubble if you look closely you can see the stones piled up in the windows.

Old stone farmhouse
Close up of an old stone farmhouse

On the road to Carraroe we passed another shell of a building which looks like an old garage.

Abandoned garage in Carraroe

Further down the road we passed an old quarry.

Abandoned quarry near Carraroe

The scenery around Carraroe is so desolate in places it's almost like being on another planet.

The following day I was back on the road again this time on the way to Athlone in County Westmeath. I decided to take a spin around and see could I find anything interesting to snap. Here's another couple of abandoned farmhouses that I came across on the outskirts of Athlone.

Old farmhouse near Athlone
abandoned farmhouse

Back in Athlone town I came across a grim industrial estate with many unoccupied units. Not quite the same desolate beauty as the old farmhouses but it has a strange appeal all of its own.

side view of a vacant industrial unit