Dublin night photography

I was recently commissioned to take a night photo of Pearse Street Garda station for a book documenting it's upcoming centenary. I don't do a lot of night photography but I have to say it was really a lot of fun. The city is so quiet at that hour you can set up your camera on the footpath and have no fear that someone will trip over it. Especially useful when you are taking a 30 second long exposure on the camera!
 With the long exposure times you get some cool looking lensflare too as you can see below. 

This building is called D'Olier Chambers built in 1891 now home to a Bistro.

This building is called college house I was trying to look up the history online and I found this comment: "One of the ugliest buildings to grace the city centre of Dublin, College House is a grim concrete slab with no redeeming features."

The old house where criminal justice used to be dished out

the Autumn leaves add a bit of color to the shades of grey that dominate the quays of the Liffey.

This last image is of an old garage on the New Cabra Road. I passed by this place many times in the car or on the bus and I always thought to myself "I should take a photo of that". When I passed by it on my way into town earlier I noticed a for sale sign. So I thought to my self "I definitely should take a photo now!" well at least before it's demolished and consigned to the sands of time