Flooding in Athlone and Ballinasloe

Being Christmas time I went back to my hometown of Ballinasloe to spend a couple of days hanging out with my family and friends. I had been following on the news the desperate flooding going on there and also effecting neighboring town of Athlone for the last couple of weeks. So I went out with my camera to take a look.

In Athlone Burgess Park located beside the Golden Island shopping is partially submerged by the swollen river Shannon.

flooded park
Burgess park athlone flooding

At the edge of the park leading onto the water side street of Wolfe Tone Terrace some families fed the swans who seemed to be relishing their new expanded territory.

However Wolfe tone terrace itself was locked in a grim battle for survival with rows and rows of sand bags and a giant water pump only just holding back the great weight of encroaching river water.

In the distance on the strand road more sand bags were a last desperate measure to prevent the dangerously high river from flowing straight into local homes and businesses.

Across the other side of the river a football pitch was underwater.

Meanwhile back in Ballinasloe on the way home I noticed a newly formed lake to the left of the motorway that passes by the town. I took a drive down to take a look.

Here's the river Suck which has now grown into a sprawling lake swallowing up the neighboring fields and Forrest land. The navigation markers for boats are just visible above the waters. The orange and green marker in the distance mark the normal width of the river banks.

Here's the gates into the nearby farmland which now leads to a giant eerie lake with trees protruding out of the murky depths .

With another yet another storm Frank rolling in there's more rain on the way. I hope the people of Ballinasloe and Athlone will get the help they need to try to protect their homes and businesses from the rising waters.