Westport - A little taste of the wild Atlantic way

Last week I took a 3 day trip to Westport. We started our trip with a visit to Westport house (although I didn't make it in to visit the house)! I was too busy enjoying the many rides in the pirate adventure park such as the pirate log flume and the pirate rocking ship! The grounds are beautiful though and I did spy this lovely vista as I stepped off the swan boats.

Waterfall in the grounds of Westport House Co. Mayo

Westport town is a pretty town it's clean and colorful and flowers adorn the exterior of most of the many pubs and restaurants which cater for the large volumes of tourists who visit in the summer months. James street is where most of the action is in terms of eating and drinking and picking up an arran sweater. At the top of James street the iconic clock tower can be found.

The clock tower in Westport Town

At the bottom of James street we find the Carrowbeg river which is sandwiched between the curiously titled streets of North and South Mall. There's not much going on on the North and South mall in terms of shops or restaurants but the view is lovely.

The carrowbeg river flows through Westport
Feeding the ducks in the Carrowbeg river

Westport Quay can be found 1km to the west of the center of town and another selection of hotels and pubs can be found by the sea. We took a spin out to Roman Island around sunset and the scenery is really spectacular in the fading evening light. To the southwest looms Croagh Patrick.


A fishing boat returned it's crew of tourists safely back to the harbour.

Fishing boat returns to Westport Harbour

A seagull flies off toward the many Islands in the bay.

A seagull flies accross Westport Bay

An old stricken wooden Boat rots away by the quayside


We carried on driving West toward the village of Murrisk which is at the base of the slopes of Croagh Patrick. Murrisk is the starting point for the many pilgrims who traverse the mountain every July to hear mass being said at the summit. We took a detour down to Murrisk pier to check it out. You can see Croagh Patrick in the distance. It's a lot bigger looking in the flesh!

An old tractor sits on the Headland beside Murrisk pier

An old tractor sits on the Headland beside Murrisk pier

An old boat rusts away in Murrisk Pier

An old boat rusts away in Murrisk Pier

Some the many sheep that can be found in these parts.

Some the many sheep that can be found in these parts.

From Murrisk we headed West toward Louisburgh. It was getting dark so we made on last stop at Oldhead when we arrived at the pier we unexpectedly found a small crowd of people. There were a number of fisherman and a bunch of kids jumping off the pier while their parents watched on. There is a campsite close to the beach so it looked like a great place to set up camp.

the pier in Oldhead Co. Mayo at Dusk
Jumping off the pier at Oldhead County Mayo

The next day it was time to go home. I took a quick stroll in the morning and found an old railway bridge and line that had been converted into a cycle path and walkway. I met an old man walking his dog. He said that you could follow the cycle path for 40 miles all the way over to Achill Island. Now that sounded like a real adventure. Maybe next time!

Cyclepath along old rail Lines Westport Co. Mayo