Autumn over Garbally Woods

I was back in my hometown of Ballinsloe last night to check out the excellent Zombie Walk in Garbally Woods. It was a great event! It's a 2K walk through a forest in the dead of night! The path is dimly lit with LED lights to keep you from getting lost and walkers are ambushed along the way by an array of terrifying characters from witches, zombies, demon butchers, a terrorist (yes a terrorist!) to chainsaw wielding maniacs.

There was also a frightening stalker who followed us down the road for about 10 minutes. Or maybe is was the legendary white lady who is the ghost rumored to haunt the halls of Garbally House. I went to school in Garbally and I remember one of the stories - a mysterious blood stain on the floor that always came back even after being scrubbed off!

The hour also went back last night - winter is coming! So this morning I woke up early for a change and I decided to head back to Garbally woods to take the drone out for a little flight. I was hoping to catch some of the spectacular autumnal colors. There were no signs of any zombies left in the woods so I guess they only come out at night!