Video editing and publishing on the go

I just wanted to talk a little bit about the latest addition to my film making kit - the Samsung S8 smartphone. It's got the largest screen in relation to it's size and it packs a serious punch In terms of it's videography and photography abilities.

On the technical front the rear camera captures images at 12 megapixels and at an aperture of 1.7 (that means it works well in low light situations) Which is pretty impressive! The front camera is 8 megapixels and also aperture 1.7 so not bad at all. Video wise it has digital image stabilization, slo mo and all the other features you would expect from a ridiculously expensive smartphone.

So it's a great camera - good in low light and and in bright light too! It's not cheap though at around €900 SIM free. You can get it for free on a long and expensive mobile contract. So is it any good?

My main reason for buying the S8 was as a film making tool. So in that respect it's great! The screen is huge and super clear and bright. Perfect for showing off my video work to my friends and clients alike. It's got plenty of storage at 64GB internally and it takes Micro SD cards to further increase space for storage (this compared to my old iPhone which was constantly too full of data to take new pictures - The main reason i ditched it)

The battery life is not great and if you are using it heavily you can just see the percentage dropping but with moderate use it should last you until the evening. Honestly I haven't actually used it to shoot much video since I got it. I shot mostly still images so far which I hope to go into in more detail in another later blog post.

I decided to test out the video capabilities on a road trip to a GAA match in Tullamore yesterday. The challenge was to film, edit and produce a short film using only the Samsung S8. For a further challenge I also wanted to write and publish this blog using only the S8 as well!

I am new to the world of Android so I decided to go with a video editing App called Adobe premiere clip. I use adobe software all the time in my main video projects. This app is available for free on the play store. It's really basic and not the easiest to use initially but you can learn how to use it in a couple of minutes. It's functions are pretty basic but it works.

So without further ado here's the film  I shot and edited on the S8 yesterday and you can see what you think yourself.

I hope to delve a bit deeper into the video capabilities of this phone over the next few weeks so watch this space.